What's New in Level Sensing? 

Low Cost Non-contact Radar for Small Vessels

Pump up the volume with the NCR-21 non-contact radar for measuring liquids at distances up to 26 feet. It’s great for monitoring levels at pump stations and for overflow monitoring. Its flood-proof IP67 enclosure stands up to fats, liquid ammonia, and food additives. Setup and monitoring are simple using integrated Bluetooth for wireless data access.

Two New Vibrating Sensors for Hazardous Locations


The stainless-steel rod of the VR-90 is used in granular or coarse-grained solids or for detecting sediment settled in a liquid. It works where there is strong external vibration and is also a good fit for vessels where the material changes often.


The VF-95 vibrating fork level sensor is best suited for dry free-flowing granules and small-sized granules. It’s a great alternative for materials with a low bulk density that cannot be detected by a capacitance probe.

Volume Measurement
Beyond the Bin

Bunkers, and piles, and warehouses – oh my! Monitoring and measuring inventory is these structures is a challenge for many facilities. This article explains how drones, iPhones, and fixed cameras work wizardly wonders with a cloud-based software service.

Two-Minute Rotary Tutorial

Check out this short video to get the latest lowdown on BinMaster rotaries. Get your rotaries customized with extensions, mounting plates, and paddles perfectly suited to your application. Try the BMRX standard rotary or the MAXIMA+ fail-safe rotary that alerts to loss of power, motor or electronics failures to keep your processes running.