Four New Ways to Measure
& Monitor Inventory

No Power, No problem

Take level sensors where they have never gone before. The battery-powered SPL-100 laser level sensor is easy to mount and connect to the BinView web app for anytime, anywhere monitoring. This completely wireless solution is ideal for low dust environments, such as resin pellets, and has a battery life of three to five years.

Non-Contact Radars for Liquids

BinMaster offers two new non-contact radars for measuring liquid levels in tanks up to 114 feet tall. Team them up with the BinView® web app or Binventory® software for a complete inventory management solution easily accessed from a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Non-contact radar for liquids options


Measure clean liquids under difficult process conditions such as high temperatures or pressure with the new NCR-25 radar level sensor. Three models with ranges of 49’, 65’ or 114’ are ideal for use in water, liquified feeds, resins, fuels, oils, or fats.


Measuring challenging or corrosive liquids, such as asphalts or syrups, can be mastered using the robust NCR-30. For use in vessels up to 114 feet tall, it is also designed for hygienic applications in human and animal food, or pharmaceuticals.

Get the Point (Level)

If you’ve ever questioned the point of so many different level sensors, this quick read will give you the answers. This white paper explains the differences between rotaries, capacitance probes, vibrating rods, and tilt switches. Come away with an understanding of how to select the right one for your application.

Feed with a View

Combine a wireless laser level sensor with an innovative web app designed to manage feed inventory for swine and poultry operations, and the result is FeedView.

Name each farm, bin, and ration and track head count in each barn. Record medicated feeds and consumption based on average daily intake. Set alerts to know when bins are getting low to schedule deliveries with confidence.