Sensible Level and Flow Sensor Solutions

80 GHz Non-Contact Radar Made Better by BinMaster
Get the awesome performance of 80 GHz radar and the options you need to simplify installation. BinMaster offers mounting plates, swiveling holders, and a variety of flanges to eliminate extra fabrication. There’s wireless options to reduce costs and running long spans of wire. Local display consoles for data access from the ground or a vehicle. Log into BinView or Binventory for completely automated inventory access. No other sensor vendor offers this many radar options!

Binventory PC Software is the new eBob
Simplify inventory management with PC-based software networked on your LAN, WAN, or VPN. It’s a great alternative to PLC, HMI, and SCADA systems that requires no special programming. Monitor the level of solids or liquids in vessels of any size or shape. It works with many BinMaster continuous level sensors and gets you automated alerts, inventory levels, and historical reports from up to 100 vessels. Binventory™ is a highly affordable, one-time purchase of inventory tracking for any size operation.


Sense a
of Flow

The FD-2000 single piece flow / no flow sensor is a highly sensitive device that detects even the tiniest trickle of flow of powders or solids. Use it to prevent cross contamination or as a preventive control to comply with FSMA. Features North American Class II, Division 1 Groups E, F, & G and ATEX Zone 21 hazardous location approvals for dusty environments. 


Silo Levels
in 3D

BinMaster’s 3D Scanner is the ONLY level sensor to measure and map multiple points and make a 3D visual of the topography of the resin in the silo. Accounts for surface variations in powders or solids for accurate inventory VOLUME of 1% to 3% of total stored volume. MultiVison software monitors all silos with automated alerts. Minimal maintenance and works in dust!


Level Data on Your Phone, Tablet, or PC

BinView puts level data at your fingertips wherever you have internet access. Get level data on your bins, tanks, or silos anywhere, anytime. It’s compatible with many of BinMaster’s sensors used for measuring solids or liquids. Get real-time inventory management and automated alerts to your phone, tablet or PC. BinView supports multiple vessels at multiple locations.

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